With all the excitement that comes with moving home, it’s easy to forget the life admin that comes alongside it. When it comes to tasks like switching your utility bills and change of address, it is vital to keep on top of things. For guidance on what to do and who to notify when moving home, our moving out checklist has all the answers.

1. Inform your utility suppliers 

First, make sure to inform your utility suppliers of your new address and the day you expect to move. This is one of the most important things to do before moving into a new home, as you won’t want to be without your shower and central heating (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Also, if you are leaving a home that you previously owned, get a moving day meter reading to see how much you need to pay for.

2. Update your bank

Bank statements and credit card information are the last things you want falling into the wrong hands. Letting your bank know your new address should be near the top of your checklist for moving into a new house.

3. Transfer your TV licence and internet

There is nothing better than settling down to watch some comfort TV after a stressful home move. But this won’t be possible unless you have a plan for moving your home broadband. If you are interested in moving your internet to a new home, let your broadband provider know around 3 months before your move. This may involve a small fee depending on the coverage in your new area but should be fairly straightforward.  

4. Redirect your mail

If you are moving house, changing your address should be a priority. That is, if you want to avoid your personal mail landing on the wrong doorstep. You can redirect all your mail to your new address through Royal Mail redirect, which costs around £30 for 3 months.  

5. Keep friends and family in the loop

It might be easy to forget but tell your close friends and family that you have a new address. This way, you can relax knowing that any surprise birthday packages will arrive at the right place.  

6. Get insurance for everything!

Your new apartment is likely to be a big investment, so a little extra protection makes a lot of sense. Moving house can be quite a pain but missing out on these little details could come back to bite you.

7.  Don’t forget to register with a GP

You hopefully - touch wood - won’t be falling ill anytime soon, but you should always have a local GP available in case of emergency. As the registration process can take around a week, you should start looking for nearby GPs on the NHS website as soon as you can! 

Need help with your move? Our team at Square Roots can offer helpful advice and information to guide your every step. With a reliable sales team and constant communication, our shared ownership apartments are built to give you the highest quality living experience. 

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