Buying your first home can be a challenging experience, however being able to decorate your own home at the end is the fruit you get for your labors. Few things are more exciting than putting a personal touch on your home. And buying a new build home in particular gives you a blank canvas to really let your imagination run wild.

Check out some of our pointers to get your new build home design started:

Work out your budget

Before you can start thinking about new design ideas, you’ll need to work out what budget you’re working with. Buying your first home is a big financial investment, so you might need some time to save before making any real changes to your new pad. Draw up some plans, work out how much everything will cost, and the fun of designing your home can truly begin.

Decide on a primary colour

This is one of the most important decisions when it comes to decorating your home. The main colour in your apartment should be a reflection of your personality, and convey the mood you want to get across. Do you want to go bold and brash with a primary colour, or go for something more muted and calming like a soft pastel or neutral tone? Once you’ve picked your main colour, be sure to pick furniture that compliments rather than clashes.

Hang up some artwork

When you first move into your new home, you might find that your blank walls are in need of some attention. One easy way to change that is to invest in some eye-catching art pieces. You could go for one big statement piece and keep the rest of your decor simple, or put together a neat arrangement of smaller artworks. If you don’t consider yourself an art world aficionado, check online for inspiration. You’ll be impressing your house guests with your exquisite taste in no time.

Add some plants

Nothing says ‘this is a home’ like a good old houseplant. If you need something to enliven your living space, getting some house plants is a great first step. Whether you go for a snake plant or an overhanging vine tree, you’ll be able to bring a pop of colour to your home. You might not think so, but having some house plants also has hidden health benefits, improving the quality of your air and boosting your mood!

Mix up your designs

You might be madly in love with a specific floral pattern, but coating your whole home with it won’t result in a feast for the eyes. Instead, mix up your designs to add intrigue, depth and character to your living space. Feel free to go for the wild wavy wall pattern as long as you pair it with something more simple - if the colours go together, you can get away with just about any contrasting patterns. Getting the right kind of contrast with your designs can be complicated, so consulting a designer - or the internet - could save you a lot of trouble.

Mix the old and the new

Not everyone goes for the sleek design and clean edges of a modern apartment. But if you make the right choices with your furnishing, you can create a pleasing mix of old and new home decor. If you want to give your home a more classic look, keep your eye out for vintage furniture and make use of personalized items that you already own. Unsure where to look? You can make some great discoveries at vintage shops, spontaneous yard sales and even resale hubs like Gumtree.

Decorate with personal mementos

The main goal of your home decoration should be to create a warm and inviting space to return to. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to surround your home with personal mementos and things that hold sentimental value. Got a cheesy graduation photo? Display it proudly on your mantelpiece. Do you have a ton of polaroids of friends and family? Arrange them on your wall space. If you are living away from your close ones, this is a great way of keeping them close.

Now you know how to design your own house, it’s time to get creative. At Square Roots, each apartment is a blank canvas built to the highest specifications. Start your house-hunting today with our Shared Ownership homes in London. 

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