With so much to do and so many cultural attractions to see, there’s never a dull moment living in London. Whether you want to be entertained, grab a bite to eat, or go on a shopping spree, few places hold a candle to life in the capital city! However, this can make choosing just one place to live in London an incredibly difficult task.

Want to make sure you choose a living area you love? Here are some key things to consider when choosing where to live in London:

Determine your budget 

There’s no getting away from it - London can be an expensive place to live. So before you put pen to paper on your dream home, make sure you are buying in an area you can afford. Once you’ve saved enough for a decent deposit, do your research to work out what neighborhoods suit your budget. While the centre of London is likely to set you back much more, there are loads of areas on the outskirts where you can enjoy London life for much less.

Struggling to save enough for a deposit? With a Shared Ownership home at Square Roots, you can buy a smaller share of your home while paying reduced rent on the share you don’t own. You’ll still have to save enough for your Shared Ownership deposit, but it is significantly less than buying on the open market you’ll save a lot of time on your road to home ownership.

Research the transport links

You might think you’ve landed the apartment of your dreams, but that’s no good if your commute takes up to two hours. Unless you want to wake up every morning at 6am, you should start your house-hunting by identifying how close you are to your school or place of work. In an ideal world, you’ll also be able to find an apartment that is walking distance away from a handy tube or train line.

Decide what lifestyle you want

One of the biggest perks of living in London is that there is something out here for all kinds of lifestyles. So before you start your house-hunting, you’ll need to make some key decisions about what you want from your area. Whether you want a fast-paced neighborhood full of entertainment, or the chance to sit back and enjoy a more peaceful residential area, you can find a perfect neighborhood in no time.

Green Spaces

If you ever feel alienated by the fast pace of London living, it’s good to know that you can head to a nearby park or nature reserve for some peace and calm. If you love nothing more than wandering through nature, finding an area with plenty of green space should be a priority. Play your house-hunting cards right, and you’ll be able to head out for a jog, dog walk or spontaneous picnic at a moment's notice! All homes at Square Roots are also available with private outdoor space.

Connect with your local community

Want to get a background check on what your living area is like? Why not find out from the people who actually live there! There are loads of ways that you can connect with your local community, from joining a Facebook group dedicated to the area, to striking up a conversation with your potential neighbours. Check in with the locals, and you can expect an honest and unbiased view of what to expect from your area. 

Rent before you buy

Considered everything, and still unsure about where to live in London? To avoid making a financial investment that you regret, it might be a good idea to spend a year or two renting to get a feel for your new area. This will save you the trouble and pain of having to go through the selling process a few years down the line. At Square Roots, you can rent a high-quality home at a 20% reduction of the market rate, freeing you up to save to buy a home in the future.

With a selection of new build apartments dotted all over London, Square Roots can get your home-owning journey started in style. Take advantage of affordable options like Shared Ownership and Affordable Rent, and you can enjoy an area you love, without the financial burden!

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